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HerPhones Petite Earphones + Mic - Black

Customer Reviews

  • Lynn

    These are the best earbuds that I've bought! I'm a 20f with very small eustachian tubes, and regular-sized earbuds, especially the in-ear types, hurt my ears tremendously. I've bought in-ear buds with different sized foam parts, but they were all too big and cutting them down to size was just a mess. The in-ear part of these buds fit to your ear perfectly, and they come with three different sizes that you can swap around until you find the most comfortable fit.

  • D Blanchard

    I bought these for my 14 year old. He loves how comfortable they are and the cool blue color. The sound quality is excellent.He did think the volume could be a little louder but as a mother I like the fact that he's not blasting his eardrums out!

  • FLM

    If you are looking for a special pair of headphones that fits little ears this is the one for you. It is also nice that the volume can only be set so high. Hearing loss can happen at any age and young ones do not realize the potential damage until it is too late. Overall, would purchase this again.

  • Tina A.

    Love these earphones. They fit so well and listening is a pleasure when the buds are not constantly falling out or hurting the inside of my ear.

    The music sounds great. The fact that they come with three different sized ear bud covers is such a thoughtful designer touch.
    Very good produc for the price.

  • Natalie

    I was searching for an earbud for my husband that would fit his very small ear canals at a reasonable price, given that I just purchased for him $250 ipod for X-Mas and I didn't want to spend the same amount on some earbuds. The sound quality is great and stay fit.

  • Laura Booth

    I love these ear buds! I had tried many iPod ear buds and these were an answer to a prayer. I have sensitive skin. Every other earphone I tried were either too big big or too small, ill fitting and irritating.

    With these, I got exactly what I wanted. Well made ear buds that performed exactly how subjekt described they would. There were three different sizes, because not all ears are created equal. Also, the noise reducing aspect of the product really delivers, and makes it hard to explain to people why I missed their phone calls.

    These small earphones have made me fall in love with my iPod again, thank you.

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HerPhones Petite Earphones with Mic designed for small ears

Made 40% smaller for people with small ears

Model Number: HPM-21K

Designed just for you - in as many shades as there are personalities.

Subjekt HerPhones - le Petite Earphones, set a new standard in fashion and fidelity. HerPhones are uniquely designed to securely fit small ears with added comfort. The lightweight aluminum casing, sleek cables soft silicon ear-tips are thoughtfully crafted for a perfect female fit.

No matter where you go, your earphones sound, look and feel just right.

Product Specification:
  • Driver Unit:             8mm Neodymium Magnet
  • Sensitivity:             96dB/1mW
  • Freq Response:      20Hz - 20kHz
  • Impedance:            16 Ohms