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HerPhones Petite Earphones + Mic - Red

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  • Maria J

    I have been searching for a long time for earphones for small ears. I personally have small ear canals and have struggled to find earphones that fit, do not hurt, and will stay in my ears. The HerPhones are the only earphones that I have found that fit in my small ears. The different sizes for the tip are great!! I work in a cubicle and like to listen to music as I work, and these are perfect for that. I can wear these all day without hurting my ears and they block out just enough noise so that you don't have any other distractions. The sound is also good and I don't have to turn the volume up as much as I do for other headphones I have used.
    My two sisters have had the same problems with finding earphones to fit small ears so I am planning on buying both of them a pair of these.

  • Shauna Pegham

    My ipod ear buds were very uncomfortable, so I ordered these hoping to find something that sounded good, and I could wear for longer than 15 minutes before hurting. These are very comfortable, fit well in my small ears, and sound great. Comes with 3 sizes of cushioned ear pieces. Excellent product!

  • Busy Mom

    I'm no audiophile, so I'm not the one to analyze the sound quality except to say that they sound good to me. But what I was looking for in earphones, I got. They are very comfortable and actually fit my small ears and stay in my and not irritate my ears!!!!

  • Kelly

    Hands down this beats the earbuds that come with ipods. They're very comfortable, and seal out the noise. I listen to music while I sleep, and I had trouble sleeping with the apple earbuds. With these earphones, I forget I have them in and can sleep no problem with them on all night. And at this price - you can't beat it. They come with 3 sizes of removable ear pieces to custom fit your ears, but the smallest size worked for me. Great buy!

  • Bryan Mullahand

    Apparently, I have really small earholes. The earbuds that come with iPods really kill my ears after just 5 minutes, so I was really excited to get these earbuds, since they come not only 2ith 3 different size eartips but they are actually 40% smaller that typical earphones. Sure enough, when I got them, I had to use the smallest size. It was a perfect fit, not only comfort-wise, but sound-wise too. They block out sound REALLY well. I take a very noisy bus to school and with my old headphones, I had to turn my iPod up all the way and I still couldn't hear the music that well. With these headphones, I can keep the volume at the same level as when I'm not on the bus. I think they're GREAT and would recommend them to anyone.

  • Ally McCrudy

    Let me just say this right up front: these are by far the most comfortable "in-ear" headphones that I've ever used. I'm pretty picky when it comes to headphones, but these are actually everything I was looking for (and come at a price that's more than reasonable).

  • Jean C

    My 14-year-old daughter has ear canals that are smaller than usual. The earbuds that come with Ipods and most other commercially available earbuds are too wide to fit comfortably in her ears--in fact, she says they hurt her ears. These earphones are very small. Much smaller that regular earphones you see out there. The first earphones that were actually made for women with small ears. Most companies just take regular earphones, color them pink and sell them as womens but not these earphones. They are actually very small and fit her small ear canals comfortably

  • Nicole D

    I gave up on ear buds over a decade ago because they never fit in my ears correctly. Kept falling out, sounded like crap, etc. I got these because I won a gift card on Swagbucks and they appeared to be the best option for me, since I work at night.
    The first thing I noticed is how comfortably they fit in my ears. The second thing I noticed is how well they cancel out external sound. Right now, my husband is snoring on the couch next to me and I can't hear him except through breaks in my music.
    I had read a review where someone said the right bud was really weak--here's why: This set has a microphone inside of the switch on the cord. If you look at the plug in, there are three green rings. The one closest to the cord is the pickup for the mic. It's meant to be plugged into a cellphone, not a computer, but if you're using it on a computer set up, all you have to do to get the full power out of the buds is to keep the plug pulled out just enough so that last pickup doesn't make contact. Bam.

  • Zach Gorski

    Loved them!!! I've been searching for a good pair of earbuds that sound great and fit my ears comfortably. And now my search is over thanks Subjekt.

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HerPhones Petite Earphones with Mic designed for small ears

Made 40% smaller for people with small ears

Model Number: HPM-21R

Designed just for you - in as many shades as there are personalities.

Subjekt HerPhones - le Petite Earphones, set a new standard in fashion and fidelity. HerPhones are uniquely designed to securely fit small ears with added comfort. The lightweight aluminum casing, sleek cables soft silicon ear-tips are thoughtfully crafted for a perfect female fit.

No matter where you go, your earphones sound, look and feel just right.

Product Specification:
  • Driver Unit:             8mm Neodymium Magnet
  • Sensitivity:             96dB/1mW
  • Freq Response:      20Hz - 20kHz
  • Impedance:            16 Ohms