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ChipChick Review: Subjekt TNT Headphones Review
"I used them on our last flight cross country for watching a movie on my iPad, and in short, I won’t be using in-ear buds much in the future."
Music Row Magazine: Subjekt TNT Headphones Offer Sonic Surprise
"I did however, finally consent to take ‘em for a work out. List price is $49.99 on these ear flaps which come in eight different bright styles/colors. My first question was, “Would they be comfortable for my needs?” Answer, “Yes.”"
I4U News: Nice price and great sound with style on the side
"These headphones are priced well enough and if you are after on the ear headphones these are one of the better offerings out there. Most people will be happy with the sound quality the Subjekt TNT Headphones offer.